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Will The Real, True Rebels, Please Stand Up!

Just a few hours since the first Rebel Jam has ended and not only I’m startingto miss it, but I’m already thinking of the next one. Hope us rebelsdon’t have to wait long 🙂

It has been an amazing 24-hourmarathon, travelling all around the globe from Europe to theAmericas, to Australia and back to Europe, with very interestingideas, great presentations, inspiring conversations and most ofall, fantastic people. Cause in the end, it’s all about people,isn’t it? And one day of contribution from truly creative persons,to both business and society, has to be properly taken intoconsideration and recognised.

We heard rebels talk about socialmovement, workplace innovation, dealing with failure, humor”treatment”, leadership and leadingship, sustainable charity, humancapacity, distributed teams, innovation culture, grassrootsmovement, rebels’ motivation and many others.

I have to admit, with no intentionto undermine other subjects, that I especially liked Dominik DeBuyser‘s topic; and his presentation. Taking school to thestreet (with StreetwiZe) will make you see that education isjust a side-effect. And there was also a good advice for rebelscoming out of it: “If you did not grow up as a street kid, you’dbetter start thinking like one”. Cause maybe if we do so, we wouldstop surrendering community excellence and community values to themere accumulation of material things (paraphrasing Robert F.Kennedy).

I would also like to take thischance to thank Peter and his team for this awesome experienceoffered by the Rebel Jam, the flagship event so far for the CorporateRebels. As I told you in my previous posts, we had our own slotin the Jam, during which Sorin, our CEO, talked about the reason toliberally give and take. We enjoyed quite an audience, and it seemsthat the duality technology-human transpired from the presentationwas appreciated. Also the fact that we declared ourselves haters:)

  • Hate innovation – love creativity
  • Hate manipulation – love free thinking
  • Hate secrecies – love sharing
  • Hate indifference – love involvement / daring

In few words, we basically hate notto assert our usual selves.

We also talked about our daring tochange our business model, to go open source and about thehardships of forming the basis of a community (FINkers United). But what better audience toseek ideas from? What better people to come to our aid with theirknowledge and expertise? Cause we do need help in this rebellion,we do need co-thinkers in rocking the boat of financialtransactions processing. And, as someone during the Rebel Jam said, we can start small, but wecannot start alone. And if the hate-love list above means somethingto you, maybe you’ll consider joining us.

And just so you can meet some ofus, say hello to the Allevo rebel team 🙂

Will the real rebels please stand up!!!

I was not the true crazy rebelthough, as I did need my bio break and could not stay throughoutthe night. Apparently, there was no difference in substance betweenEurope and America, but just that change in cultural tone. It wouldhave been interesting to see that. Maybe next time 🙂

With the interesting talks nowover, guess it’s time for acting. We should bring corporate rebellion to the next level, a moreactionable one, beyond the nice narratives, with a lot moreclarity. So… let’s go really change something, because is behaviorthat drives culture. We are not troublemakers, we are believers: inchange, in creativity, in sharing. And also romantics… at leastsome of us 🙂

And never forget that what us,rebels, should be looking for is “authenticity of being”.

Bye-bye Rebels and good luck wherever you are! ’til thenext one!

PS: This is on an even morepersonal note: so happy the rebels liked what I made for the RebelJam 🙂

Waiting for the Rebel Jam

Only tomorrow is not Thursday 30and then it’s time for Reeeeebel Jaaaam 🙂 Remember I told you a while back that at the end of thismonth you have the chance to spend a cool corporate 24 hours? Andno, there is no incongruity here, not if CorporateRebels United has something to do with it!

So, until the clock strikes noontwo days from now (12.00 CET) you have enough time to register, if you haven’t done so by now, clearyour schedule, arrange your chair, turn up your volume and be upfor some inspiring entertainment and provocative discussions. Onwhat? Well… on leading networked organizations, on reinventingsales management, on reasons to build a distributed team, on howoffice design can improve collaboration and innovation, on taboosin the workplace that block innovation and how to solve them byhumor, on leadership for someone or leadingship for everyone, oncorporate spring – a journey from fear to love, on the humancapacity project, on being a rebel inside the government, on how totackle the issues everyone cares about but no-one owns… for example:)

And because it feels great to be arebel with such a cause, we will be part of this jam, with our ownpresentation slot. For 30 minutes (15:30-16:00 CET) we would liketo talk to the other rebels about the reason to liberally give andtake (this is what we like to call the Allevo team rebellion :)).It’s about having the courage to disrupt the comfort of immobility,about shared cultural achievements, about hating the new given ringto innovation, but loving true creativity, about hatingmanipulation, but loving free thinking.

Of course, it all has something todo with us trying to rebel against the status quo of the currentfinancial transactions world, reshaping our business model in orderto launch the first open source platform for financial transactionsprocessing – FinTP – and build a community around it – FINkers United.

But there’s a pitfall; that of notknowing very well how to inspire a large pull of people. And that’swhere we are searching for ideas from bright minds like yours andof the corporate rebels around the world.

That being said, let’s rebeltogether and let’s start doing it this Thursday. Oh, and just toremind you that you can join at anytime the Corporate Rebels United group on Facebook or the Romanian Hub, created to show the world ourcountry has rebels too 🙂

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