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Are you waiting for a SEPA end date?

Today is the last day youcan send feedback and comments on a commission workingdocument focused on SEPA migrationend-date ….
You can comment on implementation approach, waivingor not the niche products, transitional provision and otherimportant aspects …
You can find the document here
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SWIFT upgrades and our traditional wisdom

Out of people’s wisdom:

‘The way you prepare it, youget to use it’
SWIFT announcements abstract:
In 2011, SWIFTusers will have to pass 2 upgrades
After a several years experience,all SWIFT users have the same opinion: no matter the geo-politicalconditions, stock fluctuations or times authorities, no matter ifwe come out of the crisis or not, the moment SWIFT announcesupgrades and deadlines for accomplishing these, each SWIFT user isbound to act accordingly.
What‘s this all about this time? It’s about the twoupgrades SWIFT announced for 2011:
SWIFT connectivityupgrade:
from Dial-up, Dual-I/Single-I/Single-P,Dual-P
to Alliance Connect Bronze, Silver or Gold
deadline: 31.12.2011;

SWIFTNet interfaces upgrade:
from SNL, SAG/SAS, SAB, SAA/SAE, SAW rel.6.x
to rel. 7.0, optional installing Alliance WebPlatform 7.0
deadline: 31.03.2012.

Why should we think about these unpleasant things, now,when summer of 2010 is just beginning and December 2011/March 2012seem so far away?
Because we can’t even think of leaving SWIFTNet interfacesupgrade to be done in the last 3 months of the migration window(you never know the barriers that may occur and to what extentcould they obstruct ongoing activities within the SWIFT’s deadline)and we’ll do our best to go through it within 2011.
Even so, why should we talk about these things now?
Because it might be toolate at the beginning of 2011.
Because each of the two announced upgrades involvesadditional costs (a bigger or smaller amount) and, at the beginningof 2011, it will be too late to add these in the budget.

Wise people prepare themselves since summerfor the coming winter (a Romaniansaying).

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