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FinTP viewed from the inside


Please take 3 minutes to watch this short video where 25 Allevo-ers share some quick thoughts on the FinTP ‪opensource‬ project.

FinTP code launch: checked



Friday, January 24th: we successfully checked another box on the list of steps to take towards turning FinTP project into success. And that was publishing the FinTP code. Now the source code is available on GitHub and you can also find the releases on FINkers United community webpage fintp.org.

This called for a celebration event, so we organized one. The Athenée Palace Hilton’s Le Diplomate ballroom was filled with people on Friday. Partners, friends, people we met for the first time, numerous professionals from the financial, banking and IT industries, all gathered for our official announcement.

So I take this occasion to thank all the participants for joining us and making the FinTP launch a memorable moment. To see how memorable, check out the photos in our Facebook album or on our Events page.

We appreciated all the cheers, congratulations and good thoughts we have received, as well as all the advices and concerns. We hope we addressed all of the latter, though.

Now we are off to the next step, a very important one for the success of the FinTP project, the consolidation of the community around it, FINkers United. Friday’s event was a great occasion for the financial thinkers agora to gain more experienced members, as Corina Mihalache, our new CEO launched an open invitation for participants as well as all players in the financial and IT industries to join and help us develop an active community, one that will empower transparent and efficient collaboration, in a secure environment, with respect for business ethics. And all this for the ultimate goal to bring financial interoperability to a whole new standard.

I would like to renew that invitation here. Join FINkers United. Together we can create innovative platforms, share them with the world and inspire new generations.

For more information, please visit the community web page: fintp.org. And feel free to contribute.

Before I go, I just wanted to share a short video with you that we made here at Allevo: what our team involved in the project thinks about FinTP. Enjoy! … and after join FINkers United.