FinTP Project

The FinTP Project is Allevo’s initiative to build an open platform for processing financial transactions within the open source community, FINkers United. FinTP source code complies with GPL v3 license and it capitalizes on a ten year successfully practice proven commercially available applicatioqPayIntegrator

It aims to enhance competitiveness of financial institutions in the business, operations and IT areas. The intended evolution for the FinTP Project is to create a new standardization layer for the financial services industry, by transforming transaction processing software from a differentiator to a common enabler for all its adopters.

Features for business users include: liquidity reporting and forecasting, enhanced interoperability with the bank’s corporate customers through a closed user group (CUG) architecture, as well as flexible service for individuals based on the extended use of SWIFT standardized messages set for remittances (SWIFTRemit).

Features for bank operators include: operational risk containment functionalities (such as accounting reconciliation, duplicate detection, AML filtering, competitive alerts) and support for the most popular funds transfer instruments (payments, direct debit, debit instruments and securities), as well as multicurrency enablement, TARGET2 and SEPA compliance.

Features for technical users include: data quality insurance (natively persistent transactions during their entire life-cycle) and system resilience (transactions mirroring to the back-up platform(s)).