FinTP - Allevo

FinTP is a complete open source application that processes financial messages, automates flows and offers operational risk containment and compliance to regulatory and industry standards.

FinTP and all ancillary documentation is distributed freely and openly through the FINkers United community and provides collaboration ground for rapid development and integration of new technologies, such as crypto currencies, biometric security, data analysis algorithms. This creates an open infrastructure for achieving real-time payments and a better management of liquidity and assets.

FinTP source code complies with GPLv3 license and it capitalizes on a 12 years practice proven qPayIntegrator designed and implemented by Allevo back in 2002. FinTP’s predecessor has been live at 10 financial institutions and has successfully managed their daily operations, automating their flows, centralizing their transactions and ensuring end-to-end interoperability.

FinTP is a reliable FinTech middleware to manage the transactions flows with features for:

Business area: liquidity reporting and forecasting, enhanced interoperability with the bank’s corporation customers, as well as flexible service for individuals based on the extended use of SWIFT standardized messages set for remittances (SWIFT Remit).

Operations area: support for the most popular financial information transfer instruments (payments, direct debit, debit instruments and securities), as well as multicurrency enablement, and operational risk containment functionalities (such as accounting reconciliation, duplicate detection, AML filtering, competitive alerts).

IT areainsurance of the data quality: end-to-end persistent transactions, system resilience (transactions mirroring to back-up platform), native ISO20022 support, easy operational and data flows configurations through embedded XML schemas etc.