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In 2014 Allevo started publishing the FinTP Project into the open source space and founded an association called FINkers United to act as a space for the community of FinTech experts who share the same set of values. More on www.fintp.org.

Since FinTP is a product meant for a strictly regulated market, we intend to control its progress and development, while allowing free contributions from any member of the community. As a result, FINkers United has rules and governance. The association is responsible for governance and strategic moves.

Participants become members of a club unified by the mutual interest of pushing the FinTech interoperability level to the next stage, while enabling TCO reduction for financial institutions who use FinTP.

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The community structure comprises three main entities:

1. The adopters: consumer companies choosing to adopt the FinTP product in compliance with the community line of business and ethical conduct.

2. The moderator and leading entity: the instrumental inspirational authority, expected to draw both the development vision and the guidelines of the community.

3. The contributors:

  • institutionalized bodies, such as development and maintenance, test and validation, audit, legal, marketing
  • independent contributors, such as ISVs, solution providers, integrators or passionate developers/individuals.

The FinTP community is governed by the following set of principles:

  • Openness. Full and free access to the community release.
  • Inclusion. Everybody is welcome to share and contribute.
  • “Upstream first” philosophy. The primary goal is to get the upstream project to adopt most of the contributions.
  • Scalability. The development of one feature does not have a negative impact on the rest of the application.
  • Freedom of personal choice.
  • Versioning.
  • Dynamic decision making structure.
  • A secure collaborative environment for users and contributors.

Allevo, as the initiator, undertakes the role of the Moderator, fully supporting all processes and activities until the community becomes self-sustaining. A new moderator is expected to take over this role when the community starts expanding.

Useful links:

fintporg websiteThe FinTP.org website.

finkers united for dummiesThe FINkers United for Dummies brochure.