Amsterdam Trade Bank

Ready for SEPA with support from Allevo

Successful Proof of Concept, contract signed and “go live”


On October 31st 2013, Allevo and Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) have signed the contract for the acquisition and implementation of Allevo’s qPayIntegrator-based SEPA compliance solution, which will ensure handling of SCT (SEPA Credit Transfer) messages.

The contract signing came after a successful Proof of Concept (PoC), success safeguarded by the outstanding teamwork of ATB and Allevo specialists. Further on, the solution has been optimized from operational value and cost perspectives, in adequacy with the bank setup.

With a challenging completion date ahead, all parties are closely collaborating in order to meet the tight implementation schedule.

By maintaining qPayIntegrator SEPA functionality, Allevo demonstrates its commitment in providing solutions most closely aligned to the banking and financial industry trends and needs, as well as to SWIFT market standards.

“When we chose Allevo it was not only due to the SWIFT credentials received for both the company’s team and solution, but also because we enjoyed working together during the PoC. Now, we are looking forward to further collaboration and we are convinced to meet the tight implementation schedule” Abdel el Jazouli, Senior ICT Business Analyst from Amsterdam Trade Bank said.

Sorin Guiman, General Director Allevo added: “Allevo will continue to help Amsterdam Trade Bank take full advantage of the commercial avenues SEPA opens and be prepared for the continuous payments infrastructure harmonization. On the other hand, once the implementation is completed, we will be more than happy to welcome another member to the qPayIntegrator user group.”