2014 - Allevo

Banking 365 – The future and security of electronic payments

Allevo was invited as one of the partners of the Banking 365 – The future and security of electronic payments event, organized on October 16th, by Oxygen Events with the support of the Romanian Banking Association.

The conference debated on: current regulations concerning electronic payments, what do the future and security of electronic payments look like, online paltforms and new technologies, electronic currency, etc.

Allevo, through our business analyst, Andrei Dutescu, brough the perspective of the application provider in the discussion on payment systems and their security and presented the concept behind Allevo’s project BOOST – Banking On Open Source Technologies.

LOAD (Linux Open Alternative Days)

TechHub hosted on October 23rd the Linux Open Alternative Days (LOAD), an already traditional event dedicated to Linux and open source technologies, which has reached its 9th edition this year.

As LOAD is meant to create a strong community among supporters of the open source philosophy, there was no better place to present the FINkers United open source community and the project it is built around, FinTP.

Therefore, we delegated Denisa Agatie, also a co-founder of FINkers United and member in its board, to talk to the audience about this project and the challenges of creating and maintaining an open source community in the FinTech space.

Banking Summit: Banking 365 – Bank of The Future

Oxygen Events have organized on June 19, with the support of the Romanian Banking Association and The World Bank, the banking summit Banking 365: Bank of The Future.

Allevo was invited to be among the panelists and our own Ioana Guiman, Business Development talked to the participants about BOOST – Banking on Open Source Today. As the financial services industry has already started to look into adopting open source solutions there where no competitive advantage can be gained, this was Allevo’s call to become part of a community focused on developing solutions for processing payments and financial transactions through open collaboration and sharing of knowledge in between industry peers.

You can read more about our open source project on our website or on the FinTP webpage.

e-Finance Awards Gala 11th edition – January 28, 2014

For the 6th year in a row, Allevo has been among the winners at the e-Finance Awards Gala. For the 11th edition, held yesterday, January 28, we have been awarded the e-initiative prize for our decision to publish the code of our financial transactions platform, FinTP, under GPL v3 license and for reshaping our business model to better accommodate the adoption of the open source one.

This year’s gala was under the mark of innovation. Everybody was talking about creative ideas, courage, fresh aproaches. And of course, FinTP was one of them, a premiere on the financial market.

We thank e-Finance for this award and we congratulate all the winners.

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