Interoperability with the Business Community


At the IDC Conference, IT in Government 2011, taking place on the 31st of May at Marriott Hotel Bucharest, our CEO, Mr. Sorin Guiman, addressed in the presentation “Interoperability with the Business Community” themes of general interest such as regional/global interoperability & the relation between individuals and the State, from the perspective of Allevo portfolio, IT solutions concept&implementation, impact on participants, risks and their management.

CEO’s presentation

Allevo at work

For the stand show, there is a full set of presentations and demos available, illustrating Allevo portfolio, with focus on latest pitches. These are also available to the virtual attendees, on the Virtual Sibos platform launched by SWIFT.


Not really events per se, both planned and unplanned product demos and concept presentations are, collaterally, great networking opportunities, allowing the crew to fulfill its mission of proving its friendly hospitality to all stand visitors.

See Allevo’s Sibos presentations for: Corporation-to-Bank SolutionAllevo Esfera, Allevo FMA, Payment Solution for State Treasury, PAYaaS, qPI Automatic Testing, qPI Workers’ Remittances, Allevo qPayIntegrator


Now for the fun part: each and every day, with the title of “after-hours”, Allevo hosts the traditional, by now, five o’clock couple of unrelated commotions:

● the daily draw: three lucky visitors of the day are awarded Romanian icons, hand-painted on glass; since three is the lucky number, here are three of them

Trio Icoana

● the Romanian wine tasting: forced by country regulations, there has been a change of color to the wine we’ve delighted our past guests with: now it’s white. It still is the same type of wine, specific to Romania, the Feteasca wine (roughly translated ‘maiden’); this is a great occasion to experience if its taste & flavor equals that of the black wine one.


Allevo giveaways

All efforts and patience of the participants asking for a brief discussion, presentation or product demo will be rewarded with a gift, a Romanian traditional souvenir pack from Allevo:

– a traditional unisex hand woven bag

– a white scarf for the ladies (or for the wives or girlfriends waiting back home)

– a memory stick containing all Allevo stand presentations

– a book; we know everyone loves kindle and iPad, but we just could not help going for the real thing: a bilingual edition of Adrian Georgescu’s “How many people am I?”

– a book sign mini lamp to improve the reading experience

We’re using here the term “match” in both most common meanings: match as a debate and match as a compliance/adjustments situation between several features/appearances.

First, the debate meaning: we’re debating, within the team, with our suppliers and with our consultants. There’s not about ‘who’s stronger’ here, but ‘who’s right’ helps, ‘who’s prompt’ helps even more.
We’ve promptly updated our partners’ information about us. Some needed only to make sure we’re the same, legally, technically, team-ly. And we are. Some (just a few) needed additional documents to the contracts we’ve agreed previously to this moment.
Then, all the other elements you’ve read about in the previous episodes are completed.
Everything is just ready, the Public Announcement is prepared to be sent, the addressees’ list is waiting to proceed.
Everything but the new site. It’s hard rock. Oops! Did I say rock? Well, beside being a hard rock, it’s hard work . We’re continuously improving its looks, updating its content. We aim for perfection and this is also a match with everyone’s personal limits.

Secondly, the matching meaning as in synchronizing all actions in the rebranding process. The Public Announcement would lead our partners to the new site. Knowing everybody expects to see the new ‘us’, by accessing it, we want the site to meet the high expectations.
One needs to see the new visual identity and, further more, how this will be reflected in one’s collaboration with us, in the idea of evolving, enriching it.

Finally, the match point, we’re introducing the new brand by organizing the

Allevo Launching Event

which will be a balanced combination of short speeches, wine tasting, contemporary author dedications session, refined refreshments & snacks, all with a discreet music background. All of these must also be well matched and performed in less than a month….

Following our posts about SEPA (most recent in April 2011 ECB calls for Sepa deadline extension), we invite you to read more on this theme, freshly announced on Finextra:
Banking representative body the European Payments Council (EPC) has released a set of guidelines for mobile contactless transactions in the Single Euro Payments Area (Sepa).
The EPC says the guidelines aim to:

  • promote the use of open standards
  • define security requirements
  • clarify the roles of various stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem


The document details the different service models and processes involved in operating a contactless payment application within a mobile phone secure element (SE), from provisioning to transaction flows, cardholder verification methods and risk management.

The guidelines are exclusive to mobile contactless payments using near field communications (NFC) technology. The EPC says it is also developing implementation proposals for mobile remote payments to be released at a later stage.

The Council is calling on the industry to provide feedback by 17 June, with the objective of publishing final recommendations by October this year.
Read the news including the guidelines, on Finextra.


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