Rebranding recipe (V) – Uniqueness and innovation…

Allevo brand is the personification of what we do and how we do our work. It represents our company’s team, its aspirations and vision for the future, its work philosophy and market approach.

Going back 12 years ago, when Business Information Systems just started its activity, the user of banking services required two critical features, speed and security; the financial transactions had to arrive quickly and secure to the beneficiary. Time is money, as we all know!

The banking landscape got meanwhile more and more complex, new banking products, new banking channels, new offers and requirements. Not to mention the new regulations and standards.

We’ve put all the passion and enthusiasm in day-by-day struggles, diagnosing and solving customers’ problems, developing new solutions, complying with the times and fighting with the time.
No complaints, though, easy things don’t lead too often to quality things…We had the opportunity to evolve as a company, to develop as a team, to qualify as experts.

All these years of hard work draw together the team’s values that make us unique.
The survey, conducted with our customers and partners during the rebranding preparation, has identified Allevo’s market perception…

…act now and today, promptly
…believe in innovation and relentless curiosity
…aim for results and efficiency
…praise uniqueness
…expertise and adaptability
…help the financial transactions processing
…dedicated to delivering the best
…professional excellence and
…sound reputation

values we are very proud of and prove that we bring to our business partners (customers or vendors):
emotional benefits by feeling secure and in control, informed and important;
rational benefits by getting support, state-of-the-art solutions and compliance with the standards and regulations of the financial and banking industry.

Allevo’s team is Thinking evolution.


If you read our December 2010 post about Sepa migration deadlines

we think you’ll be again very interested in new details on this theme, announced on Finextra:

The European Central Bank is calling for an extension to the mandatory end-dates proposed by the European Commission for the enforced introduction of new payments instruments under the Single Euro Payments Area (Sepa) project.

See the news on Finextra (8 April 2011) or read it here:

In December, the European Commission proposed an end-2012 timeline for the banking industry to move to new EU-wide credit transfers and direct debits.

The ECB – which had initially been calling for an end-2012 date for SCTs and a shift to SDDs taking place the following year – has now revised its opinion, with the call for an extended timetable buried in amendments in its formal response to the European Commission’s December paper.

Says the central bank: “Taking into consideration the payment industry’s need for sufficiently long lead times, the ECB suggests setting concrete dates, which could preferably be at the end of January 2013 for credit transfers and the end of January 2014 for direct debits.”

Despite this, the ECB remains supportive of the European Commission’s push for binding regulation: “A Union act of general application, binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States, is…considered essential for successful migration to Sepa, as the project would otherwise face a serious risk of failure.”

The central bank is also calling on Brussels to provide clear guidance on the regulation of interchange fees for debit card transactions.

In 2009, the Commission introduced a temporary default interchange fee for cross-border direct debits, together with a temporary endorsement of national interchange fees for direct debits. “Both of these Articles will no longer apply on 1 November 2012,” notes the ECB. “In order to avoid a legal vacuum hampering migration to Sepa direct debit, it is important that a long-term solution for interchange fees for direct debits is established.”

By: Corina Cornea

That’s my second short visit to London and the second fire exercise I live; only this time it happened to what by my biological time would have been 6 am, and by local standards was 4am!

Anyway, they (locals) have magnificent systematization: a red-lighted alarm intermittently flushing from the ceiling, ringing that loud to rise-up the deeper sleeping ones (even myself), paid its service to the hotel guests.

First I could not believe it’s real; it was; out the window I could see people rushing on the stairs; I knew better and tried to live with the noise; no way, so I finally had to recognize being defeated, to dress and get out (it’s great how easily you enroll the herd culture); the fresh wet 4am air welcomed me, along the rest of the herd. Merrily I’ve met Cxna and we’ve compared our experiences; she assured me that’s not a stupid exercise, since she sensed some smoke smell @ level 1.

The neighbors were so much diversely dressed: same bare-feet, some wearing sandals, some in shorts, some wearing nice white towel around their body; only the young nice ladies were much too dressed – Cxna as well.

The friendly wind was chilly enough to head you to a shelter; we’ve crossed the street to City something Tower Hotel; they were also very well organized; the security procedures provided that the access doors to the lobby should be closed when their neighboring hotel was playing fire extinction exercise; a very polite security officer opened them enough to read his lips: no dogs allowed! In fact the guy was totally right: it was my stupid choice to stay across the street; I warmly recommend to anyone this particular hotel, safely guarding its guests and assets.

The authority was there: firemen & policemen, very impressively dressed, exactly I’ve seen them @ mighty TV or in some movies; the hotel receptionist was well prepared as well for the event and wear a nice orange alarm vest, prepared to jump into that damn fire should it exist.

The clearing procedure is thorough, which for all of us sensed to be lengthy: after quarter of an hour they shout-up the stupid alarm; after more fifteen minute they resumed the AC supply; after some more responsible & efficient firemen checks in the lobby toilets, quarter of an hour later they powered the elevators; a total of sixty refreshing minutes since the first alarm ringed.

Bottom-line it was an unforgettable waiting for the sun rise. Guess what: I have no go to bed desire, I fight only to repress my criminal instinct; so I’ve passed this introspection-deflation exercise.

PS: I was lucky in the end; I used the first working elevator (by the way, it is a speaking one, getting you informed whether it is going up or down, what’s the status of the doors is – closed or opened, where in space you are, maybe some good advice to take care how to step in or out – I don’t remember clearly) and enjoyed the royal favor to stay in between the best looking refugees in the lobby: the red haired Cxna and a mignon brunet. However life is still unjust: both got to different floor and regretfully to so much different rooms.


We’re on time.

The actions planned till now for the external campaign of our rebranding are done, emails, letters, sample of future letters, all have been sent to our partners. Still a lot to do next, about providers, be they websites with our company information and offer, be they suppliers in several departments.That’s external.

What about the internal actions to a successful rebranding?

A mandatory condition is that every single person in the company knows, understands, agrees and can talk about the rebranding.

We did involve everyone in this process, in detail, but the overall result and line of conduct have to be presented to all in an inside Seminar.

It’s what the branding specialists say and friends in companies which went through the same changes recommend: the rebranding code has to be settled.

We’ve set the date for the Seminar, we have the place & the audience, we need a speaker. It seems one has got to have a gift to speak in front of an audience, in conference. But, how do you call it when you need to speak in front of all your colleagues? And more, you need to guide them through a long-work-path?

This requires self-assurance and knowledge from the speaker’s part, attention and acceptance from the audience’s part.

The internal Seminar is set to be held in the week before Easter; tough week for Christians, religiously speaking it’s the Passions Week. Could it be considered only a coincidence?

Sure, but we still need a speaker.

Any volunteers?

By: Corina Cornea

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