Workshop II / 2010: No recent news about SEPA? Updates here!

We would like to share news & facts about SEPA with you, our friends, partners and clients.
The Single Euro Payment Area Project has been under continuous development since our last workshop on SEPA in 2009, recent updates are more than necessary.
We are organizing in Business Information Systems’ Conference Room:

Workshop II/2010
March, the 4th
Updates on SEPA Project
You’ll find out the information that Financial Institutions and Big Corporates Treasuries, Operations, Payments and SWIFT Offices need to know in order to implement this project. We want you to stay tuned to this subject and take informed decisions!
Questions for BIS’ experts? For an easier way to understand and implement SEPA, ask, listen and ask further!
We’ll be happy to welcome you to this second workshop. Waiting for your feedback!

On March the 3rd, the European Parliament’ Motion for a Resolution calls again on the Commission to set a clear, appropriate and binding end-date, which should be no later than 31 December 2012, for migrating to SEPA instruments, after which all payments in euros must be made using the SEPA standards.

Next on BIS’ Workshops:
Workers Remittances & Anti Money Laundering (planned on March, the 25th)

Following the questions we posted previously, we received very good reactions.
Many thanks for your prompt opinions! Summed results indicate we’ll begin the new campaign with

Workshop I / 2010
February, the 24th
Bank – Corporate business over SWIFT channel
We gathered also some additional suggestions. You’d like
Exceptions & Investigations
Cash Reporting

to be approached here, linked to the main theme. We’ll make sure they are, these subjects have common areas, you’re right.

As promised, an invitation with details on location and timetable was sent to those interested. We’ll try to stick to an agenda, but free discussions will be encouraged. We’ll continue over lunch. See you on the 24th!

Next on BIS’ Workshops:
Updates on SEPA Project (planned on March, the 4th)



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