Life after Sibos

All in all, the event summed up more participants than expected, but a lot fewer than Vienna(maybe a man*days report on the participation will bring a clearer view ). Moreover, the split floors system ( all banks stacked on the ground floor and all partners & vendors based one and a half stories upwards ) did not help motivating people to travel between these two. I think that maybe a better shuffle of banks-corporates-vendors would’ve helped having better networking within the exhibition center.

For us, it was a pleasure both meeting old friends and making new ones whom we’ll be delighted to see next year closer to home, in Amsterdam, or even sooner than that.
Already having 10 years of continuous presence as participants & the first time Sibos exhibitors experience in Vienna last year, Hong Kong edition, even if further away from Bucharest, went easier on us as to where stress, organization, preparation & presentation were concerned. We knew what to expect.
Sessions and conferences were interesting, but all wandering around the same old buzz-words we’ve been hearing for quite some time now. Everybody expects regulations, everybody’s trying to swim ashore far away from the crisis’ swirls, everybody wants things to be simple, transparent and clear. Everybody wants innovation & not many think there is much of it around.
Innotribe was fun – showing thumbs up to new tools of targeting the right kind of audience: Facebook, Twitter, blogs. On Facebook, our team members already do have accounts (go ahead, search, add & get in contact with them). Twitter & blogging we’ve only just started experimenting as it seems to be the next step taken by many in this business – voilà! I think it should make banking & bankers more human & people-oriented than before, which in fact might bring the outstanding innovation of the retail banking distribution chain.

Sibos 2k9 was all about finding partners, finding opportunities & networking; some would add parties, but those were scarce, letting everybody invade the Lan Kwai Fong pubs & bars all Sibos week long. There was a Sibos party after all & it was there, in LKF. Each & every night ( except for the typhoon night of course ).

We’re thrilled with this year’s edition and with finding this strong Asian market willing to expand to Europe, where we, even though a very small company, have our say. Hong Kong brought us huge opportunities and new ideas which we’ll certainly bring to life by Amsterdam 2010.

EBAday logo

EBAday 2009 in Vienna marks the first participation of Business Information Systems as an exhibitor at the renowned event organized by the Euro Banking Association and Finextra Research.

It was a great opportunity for us to connect with peers, to showcase our solutions addressing the financial transactions space, to receive first-hand relevant and comprehensive content, to learn more about the latest trends and focuses in the European financial industry.

Today was Sibos smart casual day, meaning we were more or less out of heels & monkey suits.
Not that many people around, but those who were inside the exhibition center were a lot more relaxed & warmer one towards another.
Even though everybody was anxious to catch the first plane home, those who couldn’t get by our booth during the 4 days real Sibos week, have stopped by today to get a better picture of our business focus & practices.
Before dismantling our booth we played a demanding Switzer-mania vs Ro-land fuss-ball match at our Italian neighbors. As it always happens, half won, half lost.
At least teams were mixed up, so neither country lost for real. But those holding the ball were happiest when faith turned the score 10 to 5.
Then after we cleared all our trails from HKCEC, dropped our notebooks at the hotel & rushed to enjoying Hong Kong.

Romanian CEC Bank and the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance have completed the upgrade of their payment systems to become SEPAReady, using Business Information Systems‘ qPayIntegrator solution.

The last day of Sibos 2009 went by without even getting the chance to notice when it was lunch time, noon, closing plenary time and over & out for everybody.
I say last day, as tomorrow only the exhibitors will be present for a short while. Therefore we’ll still be there to say good byes to everybody & start tearing down our shop.

Subjects of the day were looming around innovation. And innovation was as well the center of attention all week long at Innotribe.

The closing plenary featured quite a show on innovation, which everyone seemed to enjoy ( impressive speaker Mr Guy Kawasaki ).

So there is a strong need for ideas & change… How surprising!


This was the busiest day (so far).
Apart from all pre-arranged meetings, lots of people dropped by to see what we’re up to this year around.

We split ourselves between stand, meetings & must-not-miss sessions & we could barely cover everything up.
I missed at least 2 conferences I would’ve loved attending. Will settle with today’s Sibos Issues for a short brief on the subject.
The highlight of the day was signing the targeted agency contract with SWIFT, meant to enhance delivery of complete messaging solutions to joint customers. The lines of business targeted are Workers’ Remittances, Bulk Payments, MACUG/SCORE, Cash Reporting, Exceptions & Investigations and Alliance Integrator.

All these solutions are available on our products on show at our home of the week (stand 3E13).
Demos of all these are available upon request, as well as any information upon the why & the how.

Horia Beschea, CTO, and Alain Raes, Chief Executive EMEA, have signed on behalf of BIS and SWIFT the agreement between the two parties under many flashes of lights at SWIFT’s booth.

We celebrated this new type of partnership by opening a few bottles of our “black maiden” wine, much appreciated by both those who already were fans of this sort of wine and by those who were trying it for the first time.


Wednesday 16/09/2009

Business Information Systems (BIS) announced todayat Sibos 2009 the signing of a partnershipcontract with SWIFT. SWIFT and BIS have signed today an ‘AgencyContract’ to develop a relationship that will allow both parties toleverage their areas of expertise to maximize benefits and delivercomplete messaging solutions to joint customers.

The announcement again demonstrates the commitment BIS has to SWIFTpartnership on multiple levels: technology, standards and business.”Business Information System will promote and facilitate the saleof SWIFT payment and cash management, corporate to bank business,exceptions & investigation, and system integration solutions tojointly identified customers” said Horia Beschea, ProductsDevelopment Director at BIS.

Business Information Systems is a Romanian capitalbased company, offering leading edge solutions and services for thefinancial community, based on best of breed information technologyand on its own employees’ skills.

BIS provides IT consultancy and solutions targeting criticalpayment business area; applications and systems integration;hardware and software installation, configuration maintenance andsupport; training; commercial services, all customized inparticular for financial institutions.

BIS provides both SWIFTReady services and SWIFTReady applications.

Allevo uses SWIFT partnership to deliver complete messaging solutions to joint customers


SWIFT and Allevo have signed an ‘Agency Contract’ to develop a relationship that will allow both parties to leverage their areas of expertise, to maximize benefits and deliver complete messaging solutions to joint customers.

The announcement demonstrates again the commitment Allevo has to SWIFT partnership on multiple levels: technology, standards and business.

“Allevo will promote and facilitate the sale of SWIFT payment and cash management, corporate to bank business, exceptions & investigation, and system integration solutions to jointly identified customers” said Horia Beschea, Director Products Development at Allevo.

Allevo is a private Romanian software vendor and consultancy company focused on reliably ensuring the exchange and processing of value-related transactions. Allevo delivers innovative solutions and services for real-time funds transfer management, empowering financial and public institutions, corporate treasuries and SMEs to:

  • improve / re-structure / centralize their financial transaction business flows
  • ensure interoperability by aligning their financial transaction systems to international market standards
  • automate their transactions flow (STP)

Allevo provides both SWIFTReady services and SWIFTReady applications.

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