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Pursuing to capitalize on the innovation capabilities and continuous specialization of its employees, while significantly improving the process methods and process control, Allevo is constantly seeking product and service level excellence.

Allevo qualified and certified:

  • Business consultants and analysts to ensure the design phase
  • qPayIntegrator - as the first SWIFTReady SEPA 2008 solution (re-certified in 2009), Allevo being thus ranked as a SWIFTReady Application Provider. qPayIntegrator has also received the letter of conformity for successfully passing the technical and functional validation criteria within SWIFT's certification programme for Workers' Remmitances in 2010, renewed for SWIFTRemit 2.0 in 2012.
  • Technical experts to provide payment systems implementation and support, Allevo being thus ranked as a SWIFTReady Service Provider
  • Professionals on multiple technologies from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

Intertek ISO 9001:2008CMMI Level 2ISO  9001/2008 Dun & Bradstreet