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Monthly Posts: 2010

Three in one



Ending a challenging year and welcoming a better one….

We're almost ready with the preparations for tomorrow's BIS' December Party. The whole team and families, a few guests and their families, we gathered a hundred persons in a big Restaurant Ballroom.

We'll have a Three-in-One Party, one party for three items, all important for us, our 12th Anniversary, our traditional Christmas Party and our internal announcement of a near-future rebranding.

12th Anniversary: there were 12 hard work & continuously growing years for BIS, in expertise, team, quality; you can see BIS' brief history in one of our November posts here.

Christmas Party: as usual, all the kids (ten of them born since BIS was founded) will find Santa's gifts under the Xmas Tree, then a String Quartet will sing us Christmas Carols and we'll all enjoy the Holidays' Season's atmosphere

Internal announcement of rebranding: for the near future we plan finishing the long rebranding process we've embarked on; so, most probably, the second quarter of 2011 will bring us a new visual identity, as BIS is rebranding in Allevo; all the changes that outcome of this will be presented by our rebranding company.

We'll also have a Three-in-One big anniversary cake to wish us all
"Many happy returns of the day" &
"A Happy New Year"
with the literally sweet image of our 12-yo well-known logo.

November and BIS turns 12yo

November is the month we add another year to our presence in the financial scenery. Business Information Systems is now 12 years old.

We started out as a handful of people, most of them being the founders, in a small Bucharest office. Almost all of them are still with BIS today, having built a valuable team of more than 50 people. The company's target market was chosen upfront: banking and financial instutions industry.

A lot has been invested in training and certifying team members, earning internationally certifications worthy not only of our hall of fame, but also of direct interest to our customers. Thus, by 2007, we gathered on the SWIFT front alone certified competences on TARGET2, Cash Reporting, SEPA - Bulk Payments, Trade Services, Corporate, Funds, SWIFTAlliance RMA. Also, we have technical personnel certified on Tivoli, Euclid, Microsoft, IBM, ORACLE products and suites.

At company level, we achieved IS 9001 quality management system certificate and renewed it every 2 years for the past decade. We've also been struggling for 3 years now with reaching CMMI level 2 compliance, and we eventually have and are now aiming for CMMI level 3 in the upcoming years.

In 2003 we created the first version of our payment hub, qPayIntegrator, implementing it at 6 banks in the following year. Then after we've continuously improved both customer support services and this product, adding new features and modules as required by our customers or as designed by us. These include processing facilities for low and high value payments, direct debit, debit instruments, SEPA, workers' remittances and features for accounts reconciliation, duplicate detection, AML, liquidity reporting, multi-currency, competitive reporting. This year we've launched the version "as a service" of this payment hub, PAYaaS.

Since 2008 we've exhibited at every Sibos, breaking the ice on the international market. Organising and publicly speaking at conferences both in Bucharest and at the financial community's biggest event created awareness of our name, solution and services portfolio.

So these are, very briefly, the 12 years of Business Information Systems' life. For the near future we plan finishing the long rebranding process we've embarked on, thus becoming Allevo, exhibiting again at EBADay and Sibos Toronto, releasing the complete version of qPayIntegrator as a Service and taking new challenges and opportunities as the unroll.
Intertek ISO 9001:2008CMMI Level 2ISO  9001/2008 Dun & Bradstreet