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November 2014
Allevo Newsletter

In this issue of our newsletter we invite you to take a trip down on memory lane with us, as Allevo reaches its sweet 16, to find out what FinTP has been doing this fall, to learn how open source changes the way institutions collaborate and accelerates the pace of software, to find out the differences between a digital bank and a traditional one. And these are just a few of the interesting topics we propose this month.

Allevo at Its Sweet 16

As we are not stuck on round numbers, this year we celebrate 16 years of Allevo. We invited our customers, our partners and our team members, in a word, our friends, to join us in these moments of rejoicing.
In a man’s life, 16 years may not mean that much. But in the business world and, perhaps especially in the IT sector, 16 years of hard work meant for Allevo enough time to become a recognizable brand among specialists in Romania and abroad. Join us in remember just some of the key moments in Allevo’s life.


FinTP, This Fall

Busy fall for Allevo. We showcased FinTP, the FINkers United open source community and the BOOST project, which includes both, in the most notorious events of our business focus and region: Internet and Mobile World 2014, Sibos Boston, SWIFT Business Forum Romania, LOAD, RICAP, The Future of Electronic Payments and others.
For those of you not at those events, we launch one question: Does it make sense to buy and maintain many types of software licenses and keep everything developed and implemented on a one-time basis or would it make sense for all banks to unify their behind the scenes operations flows and look into open software that can accommodate this?

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