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May 2015
Allevo Newsletter
Dear readers, the Allevo newsletter is going on holiday :) So please enjoy this issue, as you won't receive another until September this year.
It's not really a holiday, as we plan to use the time to rethink and reshape the newsletter so than in September we can release the new format, one that is more adapted to your needs and desires.
See you soon!

Allevo at EBAday 2015

By far the hottest subject on the agenda was instant payments / real time payments / immediate payments. Customers are each day more demanding when choosing their service providers; the choice criterions include speed of response, speed of action (in real-time, if possible), accessibility and ease of use. When it comes to banks, their expectations are as high, at least. Financial services providers not being able to keep pace may lead to the intensely debated scenario of “banking without banks”.
Benefiting from the change of distribution model (from commercial to open source) and the evolution of demands on the financial market, FinTP starts gaining the interest of European banks, becoming “the right solution, in the right place at the right time”!

Me and the open source community

The strength of an open-source community stands in the ideas and the new concepts that can be implemented in new products. And those get refined by collaboration and sharing. The strength of an open-source community resides in the common knowledge and the ability to work together toward a common goal. We have to understand that individuality and immediate comfort it’s not the future and it will not last on the long run. Developing a strong community around an open-source product will take time and trust (I do think that trust is one of the most important things in a community) and trust must be gained through constant dedication and constant development, of a product and most important of its members.
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