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March 2015
Allevo Newsletter

In the March issue of our newsletter we want to share with you some of the findings after completing the newsletter survey, FinTP’s experience in Germany and as usual, interesting articles that we have come across, talking about the push for free software adoption within the French government, the digital bank of the 21st century, IBM looking to adopt Bitcoin technology, Google code goodbyes, Microsoft and IoT, overcoming open source misconceptions and many more.

A newsletter for everyone?!

In a good-hearted intent to improve our newsletter and really make it a useful and informative tool for our readers, we have launched a survey. We asked them about their preferences and based on the fact that we were addressing quite a niche market, we underestimated how different people really are; and how different their individual interests are, even if they are working in the same field or industry.

Lessons learned:
•    never underestimate people’s difference of opinions
•    you can never please everyone - but this does not stop us from trying
•    redesigning and restructuring our newsletter is not such an easy task


Meeting Goliath

2 Allevo representatives, 4 days, 6 meetings, 8 entities.  One may say that the action itself might be considered Goliath, and wouldn’t be far from the truth.

But the true Goliath was more impressive. I remember our grandparents were very proud when they had an object marked with Сделано в России (Made in Russia) as they were made forever. When we grew up this Made in Russia was replaced by Made in Germany. And now picture this, a German beneficiary proud of having something Made in Romania! This is actually what we are trying to do.

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