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July 2014
Allevo Newsletter

In this issue of our newsletter we invite you to find out what was the effect of Heartbleed for the open source community and how it made it understand the need for critical open source projects proportional funding and infrastructure, how end of support for Windows XP opens the way for open source adoption, about the challenges of running an community in a tightly regulated market as our CEO explains them during an interview for EBAday TV, about Sberbank’s digital adventurer – Mircea Mihaescu – and how he is helping shape the future of financial services, and many other interesting topics.

Open source security post Heartbleed

Heartbleed is one of the biggest and most publicized vulnerability of the last decade. The affected open source library, OpenSSL is one of the critical elements of the infrastructure the internet is based upon. According to estimates, approximately 66% of internet services users have been affected by this vulnerability.

An important conclusion that came out of this crisis was the necessity of acknowledging the importance of Open SSL and other open source projects unrolling in the internet security infrastructure  


End of support for Windows XP opens the way for open source adoption

In April 2014 Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, and although the end of an operating system era is not much of a great deal it is remarkable that after 13 years since launch it still managed to keep a market share of 25%. Although some of the users will upgrade to newer versions of the windows OS, the vast majority that remains do not meet the system requirements to do so. And we're not talking only about home users but also business and government users where the upgrade to a newer OS comes at a high cost for both software and hardware. This is where open source software comes into play to give a new life to what could be considered obsolete hardware by today's standards.

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