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February 2015
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Starts with an O, but it just isn’t it

We believe it is every person’s duty (as tribute to the professors and mentors in his profession) to share his knowledge, to make it widely available and to accept debate. The debate is her/ his reward, her/ his chance to capitalize on the opinions given back and eventually, to enlarge and improve his own knowledge and his own “product”.
The most common examples of freely sharing creations are the books in a library or the paintings and sculptures in a museum or music sang at the opera. As I don’t want to get confronted with the intellectual fundamentalism, I will also mention other forms of sharing the source of a creation: aspirin or the popular automobiles. I would add that, at least in the IT industry, the open source products become eventually a collective creation, where contributors offer their own expertize, in the most varied competence areas.


Hey, Wiki, why can’t we be friends?

Over a year ago, January 2014, the FinTP code was published in the open source space. This probably made FinTP the first open source application for processing financial transactions available on the market. It’s true, it is a very niche software product, but we believed the information about its existence should be out there, for anyone interested to see.

We’re talking about an OPEN SOURCE project, a completely new idea in the banking and financial industry. Shouldn’t the information be out in the open, available to everyone? Shouldn't FinTP be on Wikipedia, just like Linux , Red Hat, Apache, Gnome, Debian, Mozilla an others?

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