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August 2014
Allevo Newsletter

With Sibos 2014 fast approaching, in this issue of our newsletter we invite you to find out about BOOST – Banking on Open Source Today, the session we are organizing in Boston, about the launch of the new FinTP idea contest, why is open source a smart investment for financial services, how is time to get serious about mobile payments and whether technology can serve as a positive disruptive force in banking. These are just a few of the interesting topics we propose this month.

BOOST – Banking on Open Source Today

There are a lot of relevant applications of open source principles and models in healthcare, education, art, food and beverages, electronics, science and engineering, robotics, car manufacturing, governments and last, but not least, computer software. Banks, being renowned as very cautious institutions, have just recently started to look into the potential of open source software for parts of their IT infrastructures and to adopt open strategies, like publishing open APIs for developers to use.
This is just the beginning of an inherent change the financial services ecosystem is about to experience.


Launching FinTP Idea Contest at Sibos

This is a call for ideas we plan to launch at Sibos.
Even if you are not a contributor to or acquainted with FinTP yet, we are curious to know what you think fit to implement in or on top of FinTP to extend or enrich its utility. It can be anything, varying from a tool that can make the life of developers, testers, business analysts better to a new feature for handling a certain type of standard or a report designed for business oriented people or even a change to the fintp.org portal. We want to know what you think FinTP needs. We want to know which ideas you consider best. So we created this space where you can post your ideas for enriching FinTP and rate others' ideas.

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