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www.allevo.ro Newsletter August 2016  
How can corporates and banks from non-EU countries cope with SEPA requests?
SEPA has been a long debated subject in the financial sector almost for 10 years now. Although SEPA implementation in Euro countries is now considered a done deal, there still are holes and gaps that can be improved in non-euro members of the EU. On a paved road, now it is time for banks and corporates from non-euro countries to comply with this standard for processing payments requests. .
Allevo at RedHat Summit 2016
RedHat Summit 2016 opening plenary started with a powerful message delivered by Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's president and CEO: helping communities innovate beyond the sum of their individual members is the leadership challenge of our time. The speech focused on the 4th industrial revolution that is happening right now.
Allevo at EBAday 2016
EBAday 2016, Europe's leading transaction banking and payments exhibition and conference organized by the Euro Banking Association and Finextra Research between June 7-8th, in Milan, put in the spot light hot topics of the payments industry agenda under the umbrella: "A brave new world for payments - the future of European payments industry".
Other news
Global Fintech Hubs Federation launches

Ripple boss puts case against BankCoin

Governance and standardisation: twin drivers of blockchain innovation
Innotribe, Swift's innovation arm, and London-based Innovate Finance have signed up more than 20 countries to a new Global Fintech Hubs Federation (GFHF) that will work to bring together the international community of financial technology players. Canada, China, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom are among the countries backing the federation. Brad Garlinghouse, President and COO at DLT startup Ripple, has hit out at an initiative by UBS, Deutsche Bank, Santander, BNY Mellon and broker ICA to create a digital currency called the Utility Settlement Coin. The aim is for this to become an industry standard used to clear and settle financial trades over blockchain. Corporates and banks alike face an unprecedented era of disruption. In recent years, technological innovations have given rise to mobile-only business models and the ubiquity of internet access on the go. Blockchain is being hailed as potentially the biggest disruptor to the global financial system in a generation.
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