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April 2015
Allevo Newsletter

SEPA – one step away from the finish line

Long time has the subject of creating a single payment area at the European level been debated. It took eight years for the largest project for European payments standardization to be prepared and launched in February 2008 and another eight years to be implemented. The deadline for non-Euro countries financial market’s players – banks, financial institutions, public administration and corporations – to be compliant with payments processing regulations is October 2016. It is when we’ll be finally able to say SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) is real.

Bitcoin and the rise of cryptocurrencies

The apparent success of Bitcoin and the open source nature of its code led to an explosion of alternate cryptocurencies, some almost exact copies of Bitcoin, while others with different cryptographic algorithms or innovative methods to verify the proof of work.
Some of the Bitcoin clones brought innovation to the table and took the idea of cryptocurrency and the computing power behind it to a whole new level. For example, Primecoin searches for chains of prime numbers (further advancing the field of cryptography and encryption). Another example is Gridcoin, a currency which contributes its computational power for research that may lead to advances in medicine, biology, mathematics, science, climatology, astro- and particle physics, thus providing real benefits to humanity.

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