February 2014

How to make the brave move from commercial to open source

I will explore the changes a company has to undertake when embarking on the transition from a traditional business model to a business model that supports open source. This is based on nine years of experience with a once commercially-available solution. The motivation for a transition like this comes from our company's ambition to be in a position of leadership in this changing and challenging industry. The culture of sharing in open source is our way forward, because we believe that by collaborating with the brainpower of an entire community of professionals that share the same values as us, we can deliver the best results. Recent studies on the financial industry say that by using open source, companies are able to collaboratively develop non-differentiating software for processing transactions or regulatory compliance, which is the plumbing and framework that all financial institutions need.

The future is open (source)

The period from about 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840 marks a turning point in history. The entire world as it was known
changed so drastically that today it is seen as the biggest leap forward taken by humanity. Day to day life, communication between individuals and society evolved in a few decades more than it had done in centuries. That leap was called the Industrial Revolution. Today we are witnessing the dawn of a new revolution that again, rocks the very foundation of our technology. This Industrial Revolution v2.0 is also known as the Open Source revolution.
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