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Responding to Money Laundering 101
Current AML regulations apply to all credit and financial institutions, private pension funds, casinos, auditors. The broad range of risks has to be tackled efficiently by incorporating a special filtering function in the transaction processing solution.
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Open Banking Around the World
The biggest craze is, by far, in Europe, and that's the doing of PSD2, but while EU's changes in banking regulations were still being drafted, the UK jumped the gun establishing the Open Banking Work Group (OBWG), in September 2015.
Where does the rest of the world stand in this picture? Here are some clues:
Account Reconcilers Unite
FinTP's ReconS feature provides real-time automated / manual reconciliation of incoming or outgoing payments with bank statements.
Not only does it lead to more timely reactions to risks, but it also helps reduce the overall cost.
Here is a brief list of characteristics, which we may further expand upon request:

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