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European Business Awards 2017/18
We have been named as "One To Watch" in Europe
We proudly announce that Allevo has been named as "One to Watch" in Europe in a list of business excellence published by the European Business Awards and sponsored by RSM.

Next stage >> Public vote now OPEN <<
We put together a short presentation video on who we are and why we deserve an award for innovation, and the competition is now open for public voting. Should you want to support us, here's what you can do.
2017 In Review
Our highlights from 2017 include: redefining our business strategy, obtaining EU funds for developing open source software for SMEs and corporate treasuries, organizing an international conference... and the list goes on.
FinOps Suite Plan For 2018
Our New Year Resolution for FinOps Suite
2018 is dedicated to software development, website redesign, and of course, we will continue to talk about our project everywhere we see fit.

FinOps Suite Roadmap in 2018

Seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow... seven major events for FinOps Suite in 2018! Indeed, this year FinOps Suite will be Allevo's Snow White, so let's meet its 7 dwarves.

SWIFT Products and Services

Daily Validation Reports Under the Lens
With cyber security concerns on the rise, financial institutions should be at the forefront of mitigating risks associated with cyber fraud.
A good way to do this is to supplement existing fraud controls by appealing to SWIFT Daily Validation Reports, a new fraud prevention service within SWIFT's Financial Crime Compliance portfolio.

Kind Reminder: SWIFT 7.2 Mandatory Update
To ensure the continuity of your SWIFT services, you have to upgrade by end November this year.
This applies to Alliance Access, Alliance Entry, Alliance Gateway, Alliance Web Platform Server-Embedded, SWIFTNet Link and SWIFT Web Access and the aim of the 7.2 release is to keep providing a highly secure SWIFT service to all customers, with equally important pluses as far as efficiency is concerned.

SWIFT gpi - A New Standard in International Payments
Cross-border payments are significantly improved in terms of speed, transparency and end-to-end tracking.
Live since January last year, the first phase of SWIFT gpi addresses business-to-business cross-border payments; the second phase, planned for 2018, will enable the digital transformation of cross-border payments, while the third phase, focused on collaborative innovation, might even tackle the distributed ledger technology.

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