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Microfinance: Operations Management



The Allevo Operations Management solution for microfinance institutions offers flow automation, compliance to standards and integration with mobile payment operators and banks.

It provides support for loan applications, loan disbursement and repayments. It integrates mobile payments with banking payments, providing working capital management. Multi mobile transfer operators and multi country operations are also supported.


Solution highlights:

‒      Integration and flow automation
‒      Disbursement management
‒      Processing and reconciliation for disbursements and loan repayments, system confirmations, system charges, account balance
‒      Monitoring, investigation and alerts
‒      Advanced reports


A short video describing a use case is available in this short video:



FinTP connects to internal loan management systems and customer databases, retrieves loan disbursements, converts them into the ISO 20022 internal format, performs validation and sends them via any type of distribution channel to: banks, agent networks, partner networks, mobile money transfer services.


Disbursements can be split into multiple sub-transactions of a predefined maximum amount to lower risk on one hand, and to ensure they can be processed by the distribution channel on the other. Incoming loan repayments, external system charges, network or service confirmations are processed automatically and assigned to the original disbursement.


The business flow is fully automated, allowing operators to have an instant view on intraday activities and take action in outstanding situations (for example, if a loan repayment cannot be automatically matched with an existing disbursement).


FinTP filters disbursements, ensuring that no duplicates are being sent to external systems. It cross-checks the beneficiary against custom lists (credit scoring, anti money laundering, anti terrorist regulations). Incoming account statements are also processed, allowing for an accurate view on overall and per channel liquidity.


FinTP offers a web based one-window-point where operators can monitor the status of any incoming or outgoing transaction, and it has a rich reporting capability built within. Operators can search for transactions by various criteria, such as type, amount, reference, customer data, distribution channel etc. FinTP comes with a prebuilt-in set of reports that can be used for internal procedures, auditing, invoicing, monitoring etc.

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