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Will The Real, True Rebels, Please Stand Up!

Just a few hours since the first Rebel Jam has ended and not only I'm starting to miss it, but I'm already thinking of the next one. Hope us rebels don't have to wait long :)   It has been an amazing 24-hour marathon, travelling all around the globe from Europe to the Americas, to Australia and back to Europe, with very interesting ideas, great presentations, inspiring conve...


Codefest with the Allevo Community

    A little bit more serious, but not necessarily less fun than the more famous beerfest, definitely supporting you to get smarter, not fatter, the codefest, also known as hackathon, is a chance to show you really know what you're talking about when code is involved :) And what better chance to prove your code "guru-ness" than on a type of application that has ne...


Be True to Yourself! Rebel If You Have To!

  The first time i heard the words "corporate rebels", I was like "Wow! That sounds like a very cool concept". But this was all I could articulate at that point, because I did not really know what exactly this was about. Normally, as it was something that really intrigued me, I started doing some digging. And it came as no surprise: the more I read, the more interested I was...


Allevo - The New Graphic Sheets

The idea came to me while trying to find a different way to illustrate our products, projects and initiatives. Hope you like it :)
The first two in our series of graphic sheets are depicting what FINkers United is all about. You know... the unified community Allevo is trying to build around the first open source financial transactions processing platform, FinTP.

There are more to come, so... stay tuned :)



New Year's Resolutions

  As it is my first post this year, I cannot start without wishing all our readers a Happy New Year. And as we survived another predicted end of the world :), we can start making plans for the future. 2012 has brought a few milestones in Allevo's history: the official launch of our FinTP project and the beginning of Allevo's radical change of its business model to fit int...

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