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Towards a Borderless World for Payments

This was the theme of this year's EBAday forum, the annual conference organized by the Euro Banking Association and Finextra Research. Payments professionals from all across Europe have gathered in Berlin for two days of intense networking and debate on topics like payments innovation, liquidity management, SEPA readiness, supply chain finance, electronic and mobile payments, payment...


Tomorrow Comes with the First FinTP Hackathon





And remember, if you wanna keep close, just stay tuned with the event's live blogging page.



New! FinTP Portal



Less than 5 days left until the first FinTP Hackathon next Wednesday. We're kind of counting the days here :)

In the meantime, we have been busy launching the FinTP portal, the place where we can gather all the info about FinTP, about the 3 component projects we're starting: UDAL (+ pre-requisites ), API REST and DB, where we can have all sorts of related discussions on the forums, where we can share ideas and build a great community. A place where we can let you know about the future hackathons and FinTP events.

Oh, and for the curious ones of you, we'll also have live blogging coverage of this Wednesday's hackathon. Tune in and maybe you'll find that the FinTP frequency is your kind of frequency :)



FinTP Hackathon

    ETA: 7 days, 16 hours, 23 minutes and 29 seconds   As promised, I'm getting back to you with more details about the FinTP Hackathon. I hope I won't sound too geeky, but if I do, I will just blame it on my techy colleagues :) But first, the good news: we are almost in complete team for the Hackathon, so thanks to the ones that already joined us in th...


Waiting for the Rebel Jam

  Only tomorrow is not Thursday 30 and then it's time for Reeeeebel Jaaaam :) Remember I told you a while back that at the end of this month you have the chance to spend a cool corporate 24 hours? And no, there is no incongruity here, not if Corporate Rebels United has something to do with it!     So, until the clock strikes noon two days from now (12.00 C...

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