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FinTP code launch event in 94 seconds


Our FinTP code launch event compressed in 94 seconds.
So even the most busy ones can watch it :)




FinTP viewed from the inside


Please take 3 minutes to watch this short video where 25 Allevo-ers share some quick thoughts on the FinTP ‪opensource‬ project.




FinTP code launch: checked

    Friday, January 24th: we successfully checked another box on the list of steps to take towards turning FinTP project into success. And that was publishing the FinTP code. Now the source code is available on GitHub and you can also find the releases on FINkers United community webpage fintp.org.   This called for a celebration event, so we organized one. The Athenée Palace Hilton’s Le ...


January 24 - the day we publish the FinTP code

        January 24 – the big day, the D day for us at Allevo. It is the day we publish the FinTP source code, the first open source application for processing financial transactions, the day we launch the community to support this project, FINkers United.   We’ll make the official announcement during the celebration event we are organizing this Friday, at Athenée Palace Hilton Bucharest...


A bad plan is better than no plan

  by Horia Beschea       Practice makes you less bad   My grandfather taught me how to play chess when I was around 7 years old. He started with the basics : allowed moves, win conditions and some strategy to improve board presence and pretty much stopped there. He was not an expert chess player, but he had great patience and let me win as much as needed so I don’t lose interest in...

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