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A Thought on Collaboration

    Community, innovation, collaboration – these have always been Allevo's basic principles. So, it's no surprise that we decided to partner with IT regional clusters whose primary goals are capitalizing on creativity and new technologies, supporting entrepreneurship initiatives, attracting investments, encouraging innovation, connecting to the global market and many more along these lines.   T...


Sibos Day One: Find what we have in mind for this Sibos

  The most important people in the financial world gathered this days in the ‘Capital of Peace’ –Geneva, for the biggest event in the industry, Sibos. Geneva is attracting increasing numbers of startups and SMEs and it is home to around 200 multi-national corporations.   It is the 9th year in a row Allevo is exhibiting at this world class event. We are excited to be here and see our peers ...


Is There Anything In It for Open Source Software Adopters?

I have been asked to write an article for the first Allevo newsletter of 2016. Then I got a wealth of friendly advice on how to do it – comply KISS (Keep It Simple Sorin – to just paraphrase their saying), be positive, don’t address uncomfortable themes, and lot more. Here I go and hope to be sufficiently alive to publish the extension of this post – discussing the risks related to OSS.   All...


Eating the Financial World at Sibos 2015

  Open source software, once just the domain of technology hobbyists, is expanding its footprint or, how some people dare put it, is “eating the world”. That’s why, this year at Sibos in Singapore we started the discussion about Banking On Open Source Technologies (BOOST), about creating and sharing software applications and related knowledge, in line with open source culture, about innovation...


FinTP Quiz at Sibos 2015


This year at Sibos, Allevo decided to run a FinTP Quiz. Feel free to consider this an invitation to come by our stand N49, have a chat about FinTP - our complete open source application that processes transactions, automates flows and offers compliance to regulatory and industry standards - and then answer four questions. No more. It's that simple to have a chance to be the winner.

Prior to the FinTP Quiz though, we thought of giving you some little clues:

Clue No. 1:



Clue No. 2:



Clue No. 3:



Clue No. 4:



Clue No. 5:



Clue No. 6:




With all this clues, surely you can be the winner.


Always thought you wanted to have a binary watch? To satisfy the geek in you? Just one more reason to take the FinTP Quiz. You can find out if you are the lucky winner by coming at Allevo's stand N49 on Wednesday, 16:00.

We'll celebrate you with Romanian wine tasting.


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