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Social responsibility


Allevo's shareholders and team are aware that:

  • there are people that need and deserve to receive a hand
  • the company is ethically accountable to share part of its results with the less fortunate.

Given the strong belief that the new generation is in fact a guarantee of the future of the nation and equally of this world, Allevo has chosen to concentrate the rather limited resources to help both talented children and children with disabilities.

Life however taught us to take a prudential approach (to have an image of what we have experienced we heartily recommend this abstract of the extraordinary Filantropica movie), since there are also people trying to make unfair profit on philanthropic acts.

The company and its team are accountable to take all required steps to protect the environment and to contribute through its practice to reduce pollution and irrational waste of materials.

Allevo undertook the implementation of its Environmental Management System (EMS) that is consistent with the ISO 14001 Standard, meant to be continuously developed and improved.

Allevo Process Group is in charge with defining and maintaining the policies and processes, as well as with deploying the required IT system procedures of EMS.

To this date, Allevo's efforts in EMS program include:

  • defining and implementing the environmental policy which includes a commitment to pollution prevention, as well as compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • establishing policies and procedures for the recycling of obsolete devices and spare parts'
  • educating Allevo staff towards the prevention of and continuous reduction of adverse environmental effects
  • improving Allevo infrastructure and processes (remote support for customers, collaborative software which reduces travelling costs, Allevo's software distribution, and all related energy consumption and pollutions)
  • deploy the IT EMS for activities of tracking, control, measurement (including efficiency evaluation and early alerts) and corrective actions
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