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SIBOS 2018 Sydney Day 2



Following our highlights and hot topics from day 1 at Sibos 2018 in Sydney, here are the most debated topics on the second day: Sibos 2018

  • Instant Payments

  • The Open Banking era

  • Innovation in correspondent banking

  • Real-time liquidity management and monitoring

  • The complexities of regulation and compliance

  • Quantum computing

  • Due diligence activities

  • Machine learning in AML

  • The World Payments Report 2018

  • and... Kleptocracy.



(World Payments Report 2018)


With Australia's new payments platform approaching one year live and SWIFT preparing to go live with EBA Clearing's RT-1 and Eurosystem's TIPS in Europe, morning of Sibos Day 2 broke with a SWIFT conference on Instant Payments and lessons that European banks can draw in order to position instant payments products and services in a domestic environment.


Thought of the day:

The success of the digital transformation will depend on

the solid and secure pillars on which it will be built.





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